Among the huts
2015, 6 mins, color, Ukraine
D: Oksana Nosach
The city got into the village. Or, perhaps, the village penetrated the city? Absurdity of coexistence of two worlds within one space.
Screening and discussion with director Oksana Nosach and ’86’ Festival representative Teta Tsybulnyk.

NEXT 21 – an Experiment
2009, 30 mins, color, Netherlands
(Japanese with English subtitles)

D: Beate Lendt
With the aim of creating an energy-efficient, green, social and flexible urban living environment fit for the challenges of the 21st century and its demands, Osaka Gas commissioned the experimental residential complex “NEXT21” in Osaka in 1989 (completed in 1993). 15 years into its existence and after three consecutive five-year cycles of ongoing inhabitation experimentation, the documentary looks back on the context and conditions of its visionary and pioneering multi-disciplinary design process.

2012, 9 mins, color, France
(with English subtitles)

D: Paul Azzopardi, Noé Basch, Etienne Feher
How can we produce a dematerialized urbanism? [in]-closure choose humility to intervene and offers to keep a natural and unique area in the heart of Seattle as a legacy to the following generations and an economic, social and environmental experimentation field for the next five decades.

Elii 072 Potlach
2014, 3 mins, color, Spain
(English with Hungarian subtitles)

D: Miguel de Guzmán
A project of ephemeral architecture for the temporary residence of artists, it revolves around an ancient gift-exchanging ceremony that was held by the tribes of the American Pacific coast and was known as potlatch.

This Is Pan Tao
2013, 9 mins, color, Germany
(with English subtitles)

D: Silvan Hagenbrock
Meet Dr. Pan Tao, the founder of the so called “ecoland farm club” south of Shanghai, inspired by the “Schrebergarten” concept during his studies in Cottbus, Germany. The main purpose of allotment gardening was to make it possible for children to play in a healthy environment and to grow food plants on a small plot, in harmony with nature.

Biobricket dryer in Monor
2014, 14 mins, color, Hungary
(with English subtitles)

D: András Csiha, Albert Máté
How can you get to know a community and mutually enrich each other with the help of simple materials and by working together? Flexible biobricket technology and the joy of building together fitted to the needs of Monor, Hungary.

Bonnington Square
2011, 21 mins, color, United Kingdom
(with Hungarian subtitles)

D: Alistair Oldham
Screening and discussion with director Alistair Oldham.
In the early eighties the one hundred houses of Bonnington Square were all squatted, forming a bohemian cooperative housing community from all around the world. The squat had two community gardens, a cafe, a wholefood shop, a nightclub, a newsletter and even a milkbar. Although it is no longer squatted, there are still many low rent housing cooperatives, and the cafe and the gardens are still collectively run, and the Square is now a model of a modern sustainable urban community.